About Tioman

  • Tioman

    Nowadays, the number of divers around the world is slowly increasing that is why the development and recreations of different dive sites are numerous. In the midst of different places and outnumbered islands, Tioman is one of the most popular. Tioman is widely known in most Malaysians, Singaporeans and European divers, tourists and travelers. Many of them are always returning to the place upon experiencing the so called paradise inside the area.

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    Most reasons of the tourists are for vacations, holidays, family bonding and meeting new friends. You can meet new friends because you may have the same understanding and hobbies with them just like in diving. Since Tioman is a well known place for most divers, this place are taking up some development for years.

    Now, there are many resorts, bars and restaurants and also different beaches that you could enjoy.


    • Introduction

      One of the best and most beautiful islands in Southeast Asia is Pulau Tioman. This is a very nice and quiet place. This is a perfect paradise for many people, wildlife and plants. This place can be found in the coast part of Johor, Malaysia. Tioman had gained the trust and excitement of many people around the world. It enchanted most of its guests and received a thousand of multitudes over the last late decades. Many tourists continue their love in this place and keep coming back as if saying that it was their new found home. There are native people around the area that believes to the saying that once a person experience the life in Tioman then that person will come back again and again as if the place is pulling the person to the paradise.

      • Weather

        The weather in Tioman is very good and approachable. It means that they give enough signals and warning regarding the storms and rains for the people to be more prepared. Sun will be always there depending on the month of your stay. Before booking a trip to the island, make sure to check and notice their daily weather forecast. Weather will be the biggest problem that can approach you especially when it is in the bad season.

        • Getting There

          Getting to Tioman is very simple and quick. You can use transportation by air, land and sea. If you come from the mainland Malaysia or Singapore, the best way that you could use is by traveling by air. Coming from either of those places, both will took less than an hour for you to arrive via Berjaya Airlines to Tekek in Tioman. If you don’t want to travel in air, you can still have another choice which is to travel in water. The main ferry to get to Tioman is Bluewater Express from Mersing Jetty. Traveling on land, you can have the Singapore Johore Express bus line. The bus will let you go to the Larkin Bus Terminal in Malaysia.

          • Useful Language

            Since the place is open with all races around the world, English language will be useful in this area. English will be very convenient to use since it is the international language and most staffs of the islands are trained to speak and use it. If you are also a Malaysian, using your native tongue to communicate will not be bad.

          • FAQ

            There are some frequently asked questions by most visitors and guests around the island.
            1. Where is Tioman?
            Tioman is a small island located in the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia in the state of Pahang. This can be found in the main east coast part of Johor, Malaysia.

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            2. How can I go to Tioman?
            There are some ways to go in Tioman. You can use transportation by air, by land or by water. Upon arriving to Singapore or mainland Malaysia, you can find different traveling ways that could help and meet your desire. The fastest way will be traveling by air since it will only last for at least 45 minutes.

            3. What are the best months to dive and visit the island?
            You can visit the island anytime you want but the problem is for your diving. If the main reason for your stay in the island is diving then you should go there in the month of March to November. This is because on these months, the possibility of raining and having storm will be only 7%. The rain and storms round the place usually occurs in the mid November up to February.

            4. I am not a diver; do you have any training lessons that can help me?
            Yes. You can find Bali Hai divers around the private beach in Panuba bay. They can be your teachers when it comes to diving. While going there, they could also help you to choose the right diving site for you.