Diving in Tioman

Diving in Tioman common main attractions are seashells, corals, sea urchins, starfish, seaweeds, sea anemones that tourists can enjoy and witness.

Marine Life Highlights in Tioman

Angelfish | Diving in Tioman | Dive Tioman | Marine Life in Tioman
Harlequin sweetlips | Diving in Tioman | Dive Tioman | Marine Life in Tioman
Harlequin Sweetlips
Clownfish | Diving in Tioman | Dive Tioman | Marine Life in Tioman

Dive Sites In Tioman

Tiger Reef | Diving in Tioman | Dive Tioman | Dive Sites in Tioman

Tiger Reef

If you are up to a more challenging diving experience, Tiger Reef is perfect because of its strong current. It is one of the highlights of the Tioman island in which it is placed between Sepoi and Labas island.

This pinnacle looks like a crouching tiger in which it got its name. Divers can discover rock formations that are covered by soft and hard corals as well as barrel sponges. Countless marine lives can also witness in here such as Angel Fish, Bat Fish, Lion Fish, Napoleon Wrasse, Black Tip Shark, and Moray Eels. Watch out as Whale Sharks may also see in this area.

February to March is the best month of the year if you are planning to visit this diving site and it has a depth starting around 10 meters to 20 meters.

Access: Boat Entry
Average Depth: 10m
Maximum Depth: 20m
Average Visibility: –

Magician Rock | Diving in Tioman | Dive Tioman | Dive Sites in Tioman

Magician Rock

With its magical marine lives such as Butterfly Fish, Spanish Dancer, Trevally, and Moray Eel, Magician Rock is considered as one of the most requested dive site and rarely dived by the experience divers. Februarys to March of the year is the best time to visit this destination with starting depth of 8 meters.

It is best in the Tioman island and is located in the middle of the ocean with its strong currents in which it is hard to dive in. However, since 80s, boundary of this site is not yet found. The huge top plateau formed primarily of hard corals with Gorgonian Sea Fans and as you dive deeper, soft corals can be seen.

Access: Boat Entry
Average Depth: 8m
Maximum Depth: –
Average Visibility: 10m – 20m

soyak island | Diving in Tioman | Dive Tioman | Dive Sites in Tioman

Soyak Island

The uninhabited Soyak Island or also known as Soyah with has a depth of average 10 meters down to a maximum of 16 meters is surrounded by the large underwater rocks with soft corals. The ideal time to dive in this site is between February to March of the year.

Tropical Reef Fish, Nudibranchs, Giant Grouper, LionFish, Bum Head Parrot Fish, Napoleon Fish, and Turtles are some of the common marine sightings that can be witness by divers.

It is easily snorkeled because it is just off the shore of the Salang Bay. Diverse colors, marine lives, and prime boat night dives are some of the reasons why it is one of the recommended sites for the second or third dive of the day.

Access: Shore entry
Average Depth: 10m
Maximum Depth: 16m
Average Visibility: 10m – 18m

labas island | Diving in Tioman | Dive Tioman | Dive Sites in Tioman

Labas Island

Looking for an underwater photography? Well, this diving site is perfect for you. With its 5 meters to 25 meters deep and usually no strong currents, beginners can enjoy this area. On month of February to March, you can relish this perfect site.

Divers can choose to head south or north as this destination has two diving sites depending on the condition. Heading north, you will witness swim-through full of fishes which are only 6 to 12 meters deep. At the end, sloping rock formations can be spotted together with soft corals, sea fans, and barrel sponges.

Head of the island or heading toward the south is an easy dive with an average of 15 meters where you will see Blacktip Reef Sharks and turtles. Aside from common reef fish, Puffer Fish, Sting Rays can also be spotted.

Access: Boat entry
Average Depth: 5m
Maximum Depth: 25m
Average Visibility: 6m – 12m

renggis island | Diving in Tioman | Dive Tioman | Dive Sites in Tioman

Renggis Island

Are you up for some fun wreck diving? Renggis Island is a diving destination in Tioman where it is also great for macro photography, with has a depth of 6 meters to 14 meters. Around February to March of the year, it is most ideal time when you want to enjoy it.

Lying directly in front of the Berjaya Golf Club, you can see its magnificence. It is the favorite spot of the snorkelers and divers because of its good visibility and no stronger currents. It has a sloping reef which is covered in hard corals and at 20 meters deep you can experience the two thai fishing.

Huge Barracudas, Turtles, Cuttlefish, and Clownfish are some of the common marine sightings in this site. Along the Staghorn Coral Field, you can see Blacktip Reef Sharks roaming around the waters.

Access: Boat entry
Average Depth: 6m
Maximum Depth: 14m
Average Visibility: 20m

pirate reef | Diving in Tioman | Dive Tioman | Dive Sites in Tioman

Pirate Reef

Together with Renggis Island, Pirate Reef is also perfect for a night dive site and great macro photography. It lies between ABC Bay and the main village of Tekek and it is known for its shallow hard coral reef.

Having a depth of 4 meters to 14 meters and a small wreck that lies right next to this spot is what makes it stunning and easy third dive of the day.

If you want to see huge numbers of tiny fish on reefs, as well as small Bamboo sharks, month of March to May is seamless time to visit. There are also hard coral varieties and colorful site that is best for photography enthusiasts.

Access: Boat entry
Average Depth: 4m
Maximum Depth: 14m
Average Visibility: 20m

fan canyon | Diving in Tioman | Dive Tioman | Dive Sites in Tioman

Fan Canyon

With its maximum depth of 30 meters and an average depth of 22 meters, Fan Canyon can give you its great and magnificent marine sightings such as Scorpion Fish, Nudibranchs, and tiny Anchioves.

It is composed of countless large rocks covered by soft and hard corals. This diving site stretches out of Genting Bay on the famous coral island and is best to visit in the month of February to March.

Between the two rocks, there is narrow canyon full of huge sea fans, better not to drive deeper into this canyon to avoid damaging the fragile corals. Beautiful granite rocks can also be seen when diving into this site. It is a home for nudibranchs and flatworms, so you might as well ready your camera lenses.

Access: Boat entry
Average Depth: 22m
Maximum Depth: 30m
Average Visibility: 30m

Diving in Tioman

A small island in the Rompin district of Pahang, Malaysia located the well-recognized Tioman or “Pulau Tioman” in the Malay language. It is located 32 kilometers off the east coast of state, and it is part of the Tioman archipelago of 64 volcanic islands off the coasts of Pahang and Sahone. Tioman is in Pahang within Mersing Marine Park which contains fewer commercial islands.

Tioman’s tropical weather is susceptible to monsoon rains which can cause massive high water tides. Month of June and July has a hot of sun and a bit humid while in month of May is also great because of the blooming and tropical paradise is at fullest in Tioman island. Splendid autumn in the month of August may also be considered to enjoy scuba diving. It has a visibility of 10-30 meters depending on season and has water temperature of 28°c all year round.

It is considered as the largest of the 64 volcanic islands in Malaysia. Time Magazine in 1970s selected Tioman island as one of the most beautiful island in the world.

Marine parks and reserves in Tioman island was declared marine areas of the island. Seashells, corals, sea urchins, starfish, seaweeds, sea anemones are some of the common main attractions that tourists can enjoy and witness. There are also endemic species that tourists can spot in this island such as Walking Catfish and Kajang Slender Litter Frog.

Best Diving Season:  August
Weather:  June and July Dry season
Water Temperature: 28°C
Marine Animal Highlights: Clownfish, Sea Turtles, Nudibranch, School of Barracuda, Angelfish, Bat Fish, Blue Spotted Stingrays and Harlequin sweetlips
Recommended Thermal Protection:
Water Visibility: 10m-30m
Transportation: -Berjaya Air Flies / Liveaboard

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