Dive Sites

  • Tioman Dive Sites

    -Tioman is famous not only for providing an excellent diving experience but also in offering a good sight with high mountains that are covered with fogs and rainforest that is perfect with flowing waterfalls. A stress relieving experience that can offer a great relaxation – it is all possible in visiting Tioman.

  • Bahara Rrock

    Bahara Rock

    Bahara Rock is one of the most favorite dive sites in Tioman. It highlights a spectacular underwater garden that includes soft and hard colorful corals with nice formations, huge barrel sponges, sheer rock pinnacles, sea fans, and many attractive underwater species. It is a famous dive site for divers and underwater photographers as well.

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  • Batu Sepoy

    Batu Sepoy

    Batu Sepoy is another great site in Tioman, located in the south. It features a plateau reef that gives divers an excellent drift dive. With a very good visibility varying from 10 to 30 meters, the site is a spectacular dive site that overwhelms every diver.

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  • Golden Reef

    Golden Reef

    Golden reef is a Tioman dive site characterized as a deep reef at about 25 meters. It is similar to the Tiger reef but its area is quite smaller. This reef is off the north east side of the Sepoi Island. It has full of soft and hard colorful corals, gorgonian sea fans, barrel sponges and feather stars as well. The common reef fish here are angel fish, butterfly fish, batfish, puffers, porcupine fish, jacks, barracudas, wrasses, golden snappers and nudibranchs.

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  • House Reef

    House Reef

    House Reef is a Tioman dive site that is well-known for amateur dives and night dives. It has shallow water with mild and calm currents plus a variety of beautiful coral formations on the reef.

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  • Labas Island

    Labas Island

    Labas Island is a rocky boulder Tioman dive site that has a lot of tunnels running through huge rocks, creating tunnels to swim through. There are also lots of caverns and caves here aside from the many swim-throughs. The site is popular for many scuba divers.

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  • Lanting


    Lanting is one great site in Tioman that offers an excellent wall dive. It is famous for divers that are fond of hunting small underwater stuffs. It has a shallow coral shelf for entry and exit. Currents here are usually mild but dives can be challenging during wild currents. The depth varies from the minimum of 5 meters to the maximum of 35 meters.

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  • Marine Park

    Marine Park

    Marine Park is just so amazing for it has eight wrecks that are close but varies in depths. The site is situated off the beach at the Marine Park Headquarters, south of Soyak Island. It offers an excellent dive for both amateur and professional divers. It also features underwater photography and snorkeling as well.

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  • Pirate Reef/Pirate Wreck

    Pirate Reef/Pirate Wreck

    One of the two main breeding sites in Tioman is the Pirate Reef (along with Renggis Island). During the months of March to May or what they call the hatching season, there is a huge number of small fish on the reef which are nice to see. Divers and underwater photographers are introduced to the underwater world by the beautiful formations of colorful hard and soft corals plus the variety of small to large schools of fish. Pirate reef is also a night dive site where you can spot the common small bamboo sharks.

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  • Pulau Jahat

    Pulau Jahat

    Pulau Jahat is another spectacular rocky dive site in Tioman. The name ‘Pulau Jahat’ means Naughty Island. With depths varying from 5 to 25 meters, the dive here is exciting and extremely challenging during strong currents.

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  • Sawadee


    Sawadee is the deepest dive site that is close to the main island. It is frequently used as a deep dive training site, as a part of the Advanced Open Water course. It is also used for leisure dives as well. Its water has a very good depth with moderate to strong currents but with a slightly poor visibility.

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  • Tiger Reef

    Tiger Reef

    Tiger reef is one of Tioman’s best submerged reefs that is situated in the channel between the Sepoi Island and Labas Island. With a maximum depth of 25 meters, it is rich in healthy hard and soft coral formations, as well as sea whips, sea fans and crinoids. The dive here can be very challenging due to the strong currents of the sea. Perhaps, the dive is also rewarding after seeing the beautiful scenery of the underwater world.

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  • Tom Yam

    Tom Yam

    Tom Yam is a popular spot for night diving where divers can experience an overwhelming dive. The water here is slightly deeper than that of the House Reef, making the dive more exciting and thrilling.

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